A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of seeing My Organic School in action at Bronte Public School.  This initiative is led by David Walsman, a highly motivated and passionate individual, dedicated to making organic produce more affordable, more accessible and educating children about nutrition.

We saw thriving, herb and vegetable gardens at the school and the quality of the ingredients being packed into individual boxes by volunteers was exceptional.

One of our most consistent messages is the importance of obtaining sufficient nutrients and choosing fresh, organic produce wherever possible.

A recent study published in the Lancet found that “Globally, consumption of nearly all healthy foods and nutrients was suboptimal in 2017”, concluding that one in five deaths have been linked to poor diets.  In simple terms this means many of us consume insufficient nutrients, from fresh fruit and vegetables and over consumption of sugar and salt.   We are often overfed and undernourished.  

My Organic School Bronte Public School

Rather than repeat what we have said before about the importance of nutrients and why we need to avoid  pesticides / herbicides,  we would like to highlight here the other reasons we are proud to support My Organic School and their holistic approach.

This incorporates building a sense of community, support for local producers, environmental sustainability and affordability.  Importantly, funds raised through My Organic School go towards educating children about the importance of healthy eating and learning about where our food comes from. This is something we strongly believe should be enforced in the schooling curriculum.

One of the greatest impediments to choosing organic is the associated cost. 

Our health should not depend on whether or not we can afford good quality food.  This issue is addressed by My Organic School, as through partnerships and community support, the highest quality produce is made available at a 40% discount from prices seen in supermarkets and health food stores.   This is achieved by purchasing produce directly from suppliers, bringing it to schools and having the produce packed by volunteers and then collected by purchasers at the same time as they collect their children.   This also has a positive impact on environmental sustainability, supports local producers who engage in sustainable, organic farming practices, reduces transport miles and helps to minimise packaging.

To learn more, find out more about how to start an organic vege box coop at your school, or to find your nearest participating school to purchase discounted organic boxes, visit the My Organic School website.

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