Healthy Luxe Pty Limited Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to Healthy Luxe Pty Limited website, Instagram, Facebook and Mobile application on iOS and Android. Services provided by Healthy Luxe include brand collaborations and affiliations, advertising, photography, consultations, e-books, corporate wellbeing programmes and premium subscriptions to recipe and nutrition app.

Healthy Luxe Website and Instagram

Our website is a free to access platform promoting health and wellbeing, including lifestyle and travel.

  • Articles are written by the Healthy Luxe team, unless otherwise stated. All articles on our site are subject to copyright. The content is intended as educational only and is not intended as medical advice, does not diagnose or treat any condition, or in any way replace consultation with a medical or health care professional.
  • Our site uses cookies, details of which can be found in our privacy policy.
  • Brand partnerships and collaborations: Healthy Luxe collaborates with companies to promote their products. If this is in a paid capacity, this will be stated on Instagram by use of either โ€œpaid partnership with….โ€ or with the hashtag #ad, #collab or #sponsored
  • Our promotion and reviews are genuine, as we only accept products that are aligned with our philosophy. We are guided by the information provided to us by the company and do not take responsibility should there be any incorrect claims made by a company. With individual requirements, allergies etc. we recommend checking all ingredients when purchasing product.

Users of the site are invited to subscribe to receive our Newsletter. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for information as to how we store your information. Users can unsubscribe at any time.


  • Consultations are currently limited. Individual consultations are invoiced after consultation and payable within 48 hours.
  • 5 week programme. This programme is payable either in advance, or in instalments
  • Cancellation Policy: We require 24 hours notice to cancel an individual session. If this notice is not provided a 50% cancellation fee may be charged. With regard to the 5 week programme, we also require 24 hours notice to cancel or change a session. If this notice is
    not provided, the session will be forfeited, or re-scheduled at additional cost.
  • Refunds are not provided once service is provided.

Brand Collaborations, Promotion, Photography

Terms and Conditions of these services are individually tailored and will fall within contract outlining details of deliverables and payment terms.

Mobile Application

The Healthy Luxe mobile recipe and nutrition app, available on iOS and Android is free to download to access an extensive range of recipes.

The premium subscription is available on a monthly or yearly basis. Payments are automatically recurring, unless cancelled ahead of renewal date.

Devices vary greatly and there are sometimes issues with some versions, as with all apps. The app requires internet stability to function correctly. Should there be any problems, please email us at developer@healthyluxe.com.au with your details as well as version of device you are using, and the problem you are experiencing.

Refunds are not provided unless the app is not working and cannot be resolved.


E-books for sale on our website. Payment occurs through paypal, direct debit or E-Way.


We are affiliates with some companies which are promoted on our website. In some cases there is a small commission paid to us when a sale eventuates via our page.


Should you have any queries, please contact us via the contact form on our website.

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