This article was contributed by Ella Cottee from The Conscious Consumer.

When I think about minimalism my mind jumps to those super stylish Scandinavian houses you might have come across during an Instagram scroll. But minimalism is also a lifestyle, and a more sustainable one at that.

Promoting simplicity, minimalism encourages a deliberate removal of clutter, prioritising items that have relevance or value and ridding those that do not. As a result, an atmosphere of Zen is achieved as you create visual, physical and mental space for ideas to flourish without distraction, allowing you to focus on the things that truly matter.

Minimalism: less mess and stress

Anyone can become a minimalist guru, it just takes time and patience. Start slow with one room, box or shelf. Soon enough you will find that you are living with more intention, will have more time as there are less to items to clean, care and maintain, as well as saving money. It is actually quite addictive! 

Practice Minimalism:

  1. Prioritise: examine what you currently have and re-evaluate.  Ask: Do you need the item? Why do you have it? Are you holding onto it for a reason? When was the last time you used it? Do you have multiples of the item? Could I use the space for something else?
  2. Remove:  Let go of things you have duplicates of, no longer love, need, use or fit you. Donate, sell, recycle or pass them on. This also applies to emails – I promise you’ll feel better without those nagging notifications, in fact turn them off.
  3. Buy less: buy according to your needs not wants. When buying choose quality over quantity and when buying for others consider purchasing experiences or make memories over gifts.
  4. Borrow: If you wont use an item more than a few times (like expensive formal dresses), borrow from a friend or hire online. If your anything like me your friends probably have nicer clothes than you anyway!

For more information on how to live a more sustainable lifestyle, head to Conscious Consumer.

If you are an over thinker, a do-er and an all round good person, then The Conscious Consumer website is for you. If you question where your everyday products come from and how they are made, where your waste goes and if the current social, environmental and economic system of life we currently live in could be improved to become more harmonious and sustainable, then you will get a lot from this platform.

The Conscious Consumer is a platform for myself, alongside input at times from some of my more experienced friends and professionals, to question, reflect and document some of our learnings and queries about the world and hopefully ignite some further questions or thoughts of your own. Thank you for taking the time to explore and for joining me on this journey.

May 15, 2022


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