In January of this year, Joe (Jen’s son / Hannah’s brother) and his lovely girlfriend Hailey visited Papua New Guinea. They went to visit the home village of their friends, the delightful Chant family, including talented musicians, Holly and Coco (of Xylaroo). Joe and Hailey were humbled by the warmth of the people who shared everything they had, including precious water. The village of Iokea is about 4 hours drive from Port Moresby along dirt roads, however, during the torrential rains of the monsoon season (which can last up to four months) the village is inaccessible.  This deluge of water is followed by an extended dry season, threatening the survival of subsistence crops and drinking water is in limited supply.

Having often written about the critical importance of hydration to our health and wellbeing, it is hard to imagine not having the choice, where access to clean water may mean walking long distances.

Harnessing the copious quantities of water during the monsoons seems like a simple solution as this would sustain the villages throughout the dry season. However, it is simply beyond the reach of these people. 

Clean water for Iokea

As a result, a crowd funding project was started by Hailey to help raise money to help build basic amenities, beginning with a well and water tank.  If you think you are able to assist in any way at all, please click on the link where you will find all costings associated with this project.  100% of funds raised will go directly to the people of Iokea.

The people of Iokea hope that in the future, their village can become an eco tourism destination, catering to the increasing appetite for being surrounded by the beauty of nature. These surroundings create opportunities to slow down and appreciate the richness of just ‘being’, far from the pressures of our modern lives.  There is much to learn by observing a simpler, sustainable way of living, enjoying the connection of community. 

This is the dream and vision of Margaret Chant, an inspiring local Iokean, who has already begun setting up Moroipi Eco Lodge in the village. With access to a well and tank, ‘conscious’ tourism can boom, creating jobs for locals and granting foreigners access to Iokea’s beautiful landscapes.

We are very proud of Hailey and Joe and are thrilled to support this project.

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