We all know that water is essential to life, yet we are so often chronically dehydrated. 

Often people are prescribed medications when they just need to drink more water.   In fact water is one of the few substances, if not only substance, which can induce rapid recovery.  For those who have been admitted to hospital with acute dehydration as result of gastrointestinal infections or fever are likely to have experienced a dramatic improvement in health once IV fluids (water and salt) are administered intravenously.  Chronic dehydration however, can produce symptoms that are not immediately life threatening, although undoubtedly detrimental.   Examples of symptoms of chronic dehydration are fatigue, headache, acne, brain fog, irritability, depression, constipation and vulnerability to infection.

According to Dr. F. Batmanghelidj, chronic dehydration is the primary cause of disease and pain, usually overlooked in treatment.  This is because dehydration disrupts the entire physiological system, compromising regulatory systems as the body attempts to conserve precious water for the most vital functions.   One consequence is an altering of the body pH, becoming more acidic, which may lead to pain, increase of histamine production (as this neurotransmitter is involved in water regulation), inhibition of absorption of amino acids and minerals, as well as a myriad of other health consequences.

In simplified terms, here are some of the essential roles of water for our survival and well being:

  • Energy production (ATP)
  • Cellular communication
  • Hydrolysis processes in digestion
  • Neurotransmitter function
  • Stress hormone modulation
  • Healthy immune function
  • Flushing toxins and waste elimination
  • Healthy kidney function and prevention of kidney stones

The paradox of the life sustaining compound H20 is that when contaminated with either other toxic chemicals or bacteria, it can be harmful. This is one of the reasons that we are advised not to drink tap water in certain countries.  Even in western cultures, many of us are unaware that water can be contaminated with toxic substances such as glyphosate (chemical in herbicide, roundup) and controversially, fluoride (a subject for another post).

Another under-estimated consideration with relation to water is the vibrational, or energetic imprint created within this substance.   The work of the late Dr Masuro Emoto, as presented in his books ‘The Healing Power of Water’ and ‘Messages from Water and the Universe’, also provides compelling reasons to give some reverence to the healing power of water.  Dr Emoto exposed droplets of water to different music and words, and then photographed the microscopic crystals these water droplets formed when frozen. The results were startling.  The formed crystals were symmetrical and beautiful when water was exposed kind words and soothing music, whereas those formed after exposure to cruel words and harsh, jarring music, formed crystals which were fragmented.  This is consistent with Einstein’s theory that ‘everything is energy’ and that given our bodies consist of over 50% water, the resonance in our words and thoughts we speak to ourselves and others can be profound.

Key messages

  • Drink a minimum of 1.5 litres of water per day
  • Invest in a good quality water filter
  • Avoid, wherever possible, drinking from plastic water bottles (for health and environmental reasons)
  • Be aware of when more hydration is required:  e.g. high temperatures;  exercise;  consumption of alcohol and caffeine

Recommended Reading:

  • ‘The Body’s Many Cries for Water’ by Dr F Batmanghelidj
  • ‘Messages in Water’ by Dr Emoto
June 6, 2019


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