Magnesium is one of the most abundant minerals in the body, and one of the most important intracellular cations required for over 1000 biochemical functions.  As such, we were very enthusiastic to trial Amazing Oils transdermal magnesium.  

Firstly a quick summary of just a few of the essential processes in which magnesium is involved in the body…

Deficiency in this mineral is much more common than we imagine.   Some of the possible symptoms of magnesium deficiency include muscle cramping and soreness, fatigue, insomnia, poor stress tolerance, headaches and increased inflammation.  As inflammation is the hallmark of chronic illness, magnesium status is of imperative importance.  

According to the World Health Organisation less than 60% of adults meet adequate magnesium intake.

We often talk about the fact that the skin is the largest organ in the body in the context of being mindful of what chemicals to avoid applying in our personal and cosmetic products. The skin also serves as an excellent vehicle for delivery of beneficial substances, in this case magnesium. In fact, according to a study, high quality transdermal magnesium is more effective in raising serum magnesium levels than oral supplementation.  This is thought to be due to transdermal delivery bypassing gastro-intestinal tract.  In the aforementioned study, a 12 week trial using magnesium baths and sprays resulted in a 25% increase in serum magnesium.

Something else we love about Amazing Oils is the story around the development of this product.   As a family of yoga teachers, the developers of Amazing Oils already had a strong health focus.  However, it was discovering the remarkable effects of transdermal magnesium in the context of a serious illness suffered by a family member, that motivated the research and development of this superior magnesium delivery, using raw materials (organic magnesium chloride) sourced in Australia.

Why we need magnesium - amazing oils

We should, of course, be mindful of consuming good quantities of magnesium rich foods, which include seeds (pumpkin, sesame and sunflower), spinach, soy beans, quinoa,  cashews  and navy beans.  As always, where possible, whole foods is the best way to obtain dietary nutrients, partly due to the synergistic nutrients provided in whole foods which enhance utilisation.   However transdermal application is an excellent way to augment our levels.   Amazing oils provide easy to apply options, from bath flakes, to roll on and spray bottles. 

We have experienced almost instant relief from muscle soreness, improved sleep quality and improved overall wellbeing by ‘topping up’ our magnesium stores, using Amazing Oils and have found this to be more effective, and enjoyable, than supplementation.  Whether adding in a foot bath, full body soak, or massaging Amazing oils spray or roll on, not only provides the benefits of replenishing our depleted magnesium stores, but also allows for some often neglected self care practices, to help soothe our overworked nervous systems.  We cannot recommend this product highly enough (this is not a paid article).

Why we need magnesium- Amazing oils

Formulated as part of their natural magnesium range, Amazing Oils’ Natural Relief Oil Spray (from $21.95 rrp), Gel Roll-On ($27.50 rrp), and Bath Flakes ($25.95 rrp) offer a minimum of 100mg of elemental magnesium absorption by the body in order to assist and aid in the relief of:

• Muscular injuries, aches and pains

• Cramping and restless legs

• Insomnia and poor sleep quality

• Headaches and migraines

• Joint pain and arthritic pain

• Healthy bone density

• PMT-related cramps and tensions

• Mild skin irritations and inflammation

• Stress and nervous tension

• Energy production and mood regulation

March 27, 2019


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