As we transition into winter, when there is a drop in temperature together with reduced humidity, we usually notice drying skin and lips.  

Wind exacerbates this even further, and of course sunburn will also damage the delicate lip tissue, amplified if reflected from water or snow.

Lips are particularly vulnerable to dryness as they do not contain oil glands that are present in the skin that help to retain moisture.  Sometimes even chapping of the lips occurs if we do not prepare or attend to the early dryness signs.  In some cases, lips can become cracked, and even bleed.  We also tend to drink less water in the winter which contributes to dryness. Read this article

A particularly cold snap in Sydney created perfect conditions for us to trial the range of Clean & Pure Lip Balm.  This range uses a maximum of 6 naturally derived and locally sourced (within Australia) ingredients. 

Importantly, they do not include chemicals such as petroleum derived products and parabens.  Petroleum jelly based lip balms act as a water repellent, however also prevent absorption of moisture and have been implicated in a number of potential adverse health concerns.   The primary ingredients in Clean & Pure include extra virgin olive oil and ethically sourced Manuka beeswax (we are big fans of Manuka), infused with steam distilled essential oils.  Varieties include Cocoa butter, coconut, vanilla, peppermint, and tinted rose.

A good lip balm not only restores and nourishes, but provides protection against elements such as sun and wind.  We can certainly say that regular application of Clean & Pure lip balm, along with ensuring sufficient hydration has helped us through this cold patch and have totally prevented chapped lips. Win!

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