Whilst it is becoming easier to find vegan cafes, an offering like this is rare at a high end, elegant dining venue.

Last week we had the pleasure of sampling one of the most innovative menus we have experienced at the ever popular and sophisticated Otto restaurant on Wooloomooloo wharf.  What was particularly unique about this menu was that it was entirely vegan! What makes it even more impressive is that the idea of creating this delicious degustation was driven by a desire to cater to a particular client.  Each exquisite course was matched with a biodynamic, organic wine with minimal intervention and, of course, vegan.  Little did we know that many wines involve the use of animal products in their processing.

At the ‘italian meets vegan’ themed event at Otto, hosted by the delightful team at Zomato, we were treated to such dishes as beetroot ravioli with walnut cheese and eggplant melanzane. They even offer a vegan ‘cheese’ plate, based on macadamias or coconut… I don’t know how they do it but they actually taste like cheese! If you’re in the mood for something sweet, they’ve also mastered the traditional Meringue, served with a coconut custard and passionfruit sorbet.

Vegan or not, OTTOs vegan degustation is something we would recommend for any food loving Sydneysider.

If you are vegan or considering transitioning to a plant based diet, check out our Luxe Vegan ebook. It contains over 40 recipes to show you how delicious and easy vegan eating can be. It also contains the information you need to know before cutting food groups out of your diet to ensure you are not missing out on vital nutrients.

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