As well as the abundance of nutrients and enzymes Papaya offers, topical application of this product have long been used in treatment of a number of skin conditions. This includes chaffing, cracked heels, minor cuts and grazes, nappy rash, insect bites and eczema. The problem with this treatment is that most of the preparations/products were made with petroleum.  

Why is petroleum harmful?

Petroleum jelly is a bi-product derived from oil, first commercially patented (as vasoline) in 1872 under the classification of ‘insulating materials’.  These insulating properties inhibit the natural ability of the skin to breathe. 

In recent times, there have been concerns over the dermal absorption of a number of petrochemical substances with one study suggesting that there is strong evidence that mineral oil hydrocarbons are a major source of contamination in the body.  This study also concluded that cosmetic product application is the most likely source of this bio-accumulation.   

Whilst there have been other studies that have suggested refined topical petroleum jelly is not absorbed by the skin and is safe, the hydrocarbons within it may be absorbed and accumulate in fat tissue. When applied to the lips, as lip balm, yet another direct pathway into the body is introduced and we may be surprised to learn how much lip balm / lipstick is actually eaten over time!   This is why lip balm ingredients should only contain substances which are safe to eat. 

It is a very complex topic and, as always, we recommend people do their own research in order to make informed choices, however, we certainly avoid petrochemical products as much as possible and recommend the same to others.   

P’URE Papaya Care

As we have spoken about before, the toxic load our bodies have to contend with in our modern world is ever increasing. A fundamental aspect of naturopathic philosophy is choosing products as close to their natural source as possible, both to consume and to apply topically to our skin. In contrast, the combination and accumulation of chemicals we apply to our skin on a daily basis has been shown to have numerous potential adverse health impacts, including endocrine disruptive factors.

P’ure Papaya Care was developed by naturopaths as an alternative to the petroleum based products. By choosing P’ure Papaya Care, we are not only lessening the toxic load, but also ensuring maximum delivery of active ingredients contained in the organic, fermented papaya fruit (flesh, skin and seeds). The treatment is enhanced by the addition of nourishing shea butter, jojoba and macadamia oils, along with the soothing and anti-inflammatory qualities of calendula flowers.   

More intensive treatment products within the range include ‘Papaya Renew’, also including the herb Gotu kola, which has demonstrated in some studies the ability to improve collagen production and reduce scar tissue formation.

Every product in the Pure Papaya Care range is carefully formulated and we are excited to try the latest addition, being ‘Papaya Glow’ a luxurious overnight skin renewal oil, containing only papaya seed oil, jojoba seed oil and Vitamin E. 

Find out more about their fantastic product range here.

May 13, 2019


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