2018 saw the rise of crystal healing, turmeric lattes and the domination of colourful poke bowls, which we loved.

Now it is time to look into the crystal ball and predict the wellness trends going into 2019.  We researched far and wide on the world wide web and consulted with some of our trusted sources.  So here goes…our top 8 wellness trends for 2019. Enjoy!

#01 Financial Wellbeing becomes a Sexy Topic

The concept of wellbeing now extends well beyond the exercise we do and the food we eat.  In 2019, we will see more people, particularly women, talking about topics of financial wellbeing. Deanne Carter, founder of Women’s Money Forum has been talking to women about money management for years and she is starting to notice a shift in how women speak about finances.

For years, we have been aware that finances can cause significant stress for people of all ages. We know that financial stress is one of the key factors that end a relationship. Going into 2019, we will see more people consciously designing a life to reduce their financial stress, by taking control of their money situation and talking about money more openly.  There will be shift in people’s mentality about money – having wealth is no longer attached to a stigma of greed, but rather will be associated with being financially well.

#02 Simplifying Wellness over Productive Wellness

How many Instagram posts these days tell you that the perfect morning routine consists of 30 mins meditation, 30 mins journaling, going to the gym, drinking a green smoothie and eating an organic and gluten free breakfast. And then the work day starts. While this information is well intended, and surely will benefit the physical body in some form, this ideal of the perfect wellbeing habits is causing people more stress and anxiety than actual benefit.

In 2019, we expect to see people demanding for wellbeing to be simplified, simplified and simplified – they want a morning routine that does not cause stress. The wellness industry has been growing exponentially since 2010. Between 2015-2017, the wellness industry grew 6.4% annually which is double the rate of global economic growth, and now, in 2018 it is a $4.2 trillion global market. There are so many options available to consumers for all things fitness, nutrition, mindfulness and skin, home and lifestyle products that promote wellbeing.  In 2019, we will see people reverting their morning routines back to basics and it will be the year to celebrate JOMO, joy of missing out, as advocated by Kayla Itsines in a popular Instagram post.  

#03 Meditation for Business Owners become the Norm

The past few years, we have seen the rise of entrepreneurship and the rise of meditation – in parallel. In 2019, we now expect to see the rise in the merge of these two concepts.  While a lot of entrepreneurs use meditation in their daily routines, there is now greater focus on utilising meditation as a tool to get clear, grounded and grow your business. Business and wellbeing are intertwined and many business owners are advocating slowing down as the new black. 

In 2018, Bare & Wilde created an Entrepreneurs’ Wellness Retreat for business owners for exactly this purpose – to help the most wired people slow down. Feedback from the guests is that this helped them rejuvenate their creative juices and propel them forward in business. We expect to see more Retreats of this kind being introduced to entrepreneurs.

#04 One Stop Wellness Shop

While glorifying busy-ness is so 2010, the truth is we still seek to do things in the most convenient way possible in today’s world. And why wouldn’t we? The best businesses are built from giving consumers a convenient solution to their problems – that is a testament of the fact that we, as consumers, want convenience.  For us wellness lovers, there is no better dream than floating in a one-stop wellness shop.  Think a physical wellness premise, which houses all your wellness needs – from yoga, to smoothie bowls, to infrared saunas, to remedy messages to salt floats.  There will no longer be a need to drive around town to find your wellness desires. In Perth, we have seen a few pop up in the last year, for example, The Wellness Studio, Eden & Wild, and we will continue to see this trend in 2019.

#05 Ditch-the-Plastic Movement

Going plastic-free throughout the home is now easier than ever. Following the single use plastic bag ban in Woolworths and Coles and other retailers this year, the awareness of the effect of plastic on environment has exponentially increased. Where it was once difficult to conceive of a world without plastic, so many eco-friendly sustainability-driven companies are now making this lifestyle easier than ever.

Everyday products such as, stainless steel straws, reusable beeswax food wraps, and BPA-free bottles, cups and containers, are becoming more freely available. Queen B is helping to solve kitchen conundrums with reusable food wraps replacing glad-wrap, and Second Nature Botanicals’ organic cleaning sprays, detergent and laundry powder, means you can essentially have a plastic-free toxic-free home easier than every.

#06 The Rise of Probiotics

An important learning coming out of 2018 (many of the health podcasts, health books published in 2018) is the critical importance of the gut microbiome. Gut health education was a huge thing in 2018 with a 251% rise in people savings pins on recommendations, recipies and information associated with this trending topic. Probiotics is directly associated with good gut health and we cannot deny the craze associated with fermented foods in 2018 for this exact reason.

We are now well aware of the important of good bacteria, known as probiotics, in supporting our digestion to boosting our immune system and balancing our moods, balancing is central to the healthy functioning of our body’s physiological processes. In the coming years, expect to see probiotics added to everything else consumable. Yes, you will be able to get probiotics from sources other than kombucha and kimchi. The girls behind Bod Kombucha have already spotted this trend and have created a Cream Soda Water, which contains no sugar and preservatives and is filled with probiotics. That is right, you will be consuming probiotics even with your vodka lime sodas.

#07 Consumable Collagen for beautifying from the inside out

Is collagen the new superfood? Collagen has long been known for its facial filling and plumping properties.  Recently, it has been referred to the latest health supplement for skin, joint and gut health.

This year, we have seen a few companies catch up to this trends, for example, Locako’s brownie bars which contains about 10 per cent collagen. Soon, we will see consumable collagen become more readily available in our shopping options. We expect to see collagen being added to more foods as the trend is moving towards consuming collagen internally, rather than using it externally.

#08 Adapting to Adaptogens (Joel Camp)

‘Adaptogen’ has been the buzz word of 2018. Stress levels in Australia have peaked in 2018 with more than 75% admitting to have experienced stress daily. With these stress levels of modern society at an all-time high, this group of healing plants, which can help the human body adapt during times of stress, is needed more than ever.  This year, we have seen adaptogens in some cool forms, for example in the form of reishi lattes and mushroom powders.  Joel Camp, owner of New Ethic Plant Food, has created a fine dining experience in Perth which educates people about the benefits of adaptogens. 

Next year, we will see adaptogens taken to the next level. The US has created new products such as MRM (Metabolic Response Modifiers) Stress adaptogens, which combines seven healing plants including ashwaghanda, which is the next big thing in adaptogens. This magical plant, also known as Indian ginseng, can modify cortisol levels, which can help protect the body from stress.

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Article contributed by Bare and Wilde.

Bare & Wilde is a health and wellness platform housing all your luxury wellness needs under one roof – from wellness subscription boxes, to a non-toxic e-boutique, to wellness events and retreats and entertaining blog content for your reading pleasure. We are excited to collaborate with Healthy Luxe for our upcoming New Year New You wellness box, which you can preorder from here, to get a head start on a healthy year in 2019. 

December 24, 2018


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