Last week we enjoyed the privilege of a sneak peak into a state of the art premium health studio, located in the Cannery building in Rosebery’s foodie hub in Sydney.

The studio’s name, Selph, has its origins in the Hindi word for ‘self’ and their mission to help people achieve their ‘best selves’, mind-body connection and balance in their lives. This philosophy held by Selph health studio is very much aligned with ours here at Healthy Luxe.

The team of highly qualified, knowledgable and attuned practitioners, headed up by founders, chiropractic doctor, Evan Sgammotta and his entrepreneurial brother, Myles, provides a true expression of a holistic health sanctuary.

In addition to holistic chiropractic treatments, which incorporate NET (neuro emotional technique)*, other complementary offerings of this luxurious studio include a range of yoga and meditation sessions, acupuncture, remedial massage, nutrition consultations, physiotherapy and energy healing. 

* Neuro Emotional Technique is a gentle mind body technique which was developed over 30 years ago by Dr Scott Walker and was designed to integrate unresolved, subconscious chronic stresses that are manifesting in recurring physiological pain patterns.

Our own experience included a yoga session which was followed by a nutrition talk, postural analysis and chiropractic demonstration, finishing with a mediation to prepare us for a delicious organic lunch.

There was an overall sense of tranquility in the Selph health studio with carefully designed lighting to enhance the experience.  A perfect way to spend a morning!   As it happened, one of us (Hannah) had woken up with a very painful shoulder, which severely restricted certain movements.  Whilst this required certain adaptations for the yoga class, it also meant that there was an opportunity to experience a chiropractic treatment, which provided an instant shift that continued to improve over the next day and was completely back to normal in less than 48 hours.

We will most definitely be back!

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