Say hello to @healthyluxe!

We are very excited to share some big news with you all… Health Synergy is having a makeover! New look, new feel, new name… Say hello to @healthyluxe.

We have loved our journey so far and are extremely grateful for your support along the way. We wanted to explain a little on what motivated this change… we believe this name encompasses the way in which we have evolved.

Health Synergy was the name of Jen’s health and wellness clinic that began in 2006 and later on, in 2014, Hannah created the Instagram and blog. The intention was/is to create nutritionally dense recipes to cater to a number of different dietary requirements and presenting them in a way that we hoped would inspire people to try. We also shared/share blog posts on topical health issues. Over the past 3-4 years, our blog has expanded to include travel (another one of our biggest passions), including reviews and travel guides for our favourite locations, as well as lifestyle and fitness. It is our belief that health should be looked at holistically and includes everything from what we eat, drink, our fitness regime, the products we use on our skin/body and our attitude. On a wider, collective level our wellbeing also relies on healthy and respectful relationships (healthy relationships = happy life), as well as caring for our planet, encouraging sustainability and fair trade.

We believe that the name Healthy Luxe encompasses all that we do. ‘Healthy’ in that food/heath always has been, and always will be our focus. To us ‘Luxe’ represents the travel component of our blog, as well as the associated benefits that come with living a healthier lifestyle… your health is your greatest wealth! We also believe that Luxe is indicative of quality – that is quality ingredients/produce, quality time spent with loved ones, quality experiences and much more.

There are lots of exciting projects in the works for Healthy Luxe in 2018. We are bringing in the new year with our latest ebook, Healthy Habits. It includes lots of healthy tips and tricks as well as delicious recipes to have you looking and feeling your best. Other things to look out for are our Healthy Luxe e-magazine (subscribe via our website!) and YouTube channel.

Please feel free to let us know if there are topics you would like to see covered in our e-magazine, blog or youtube.  More announcements coming soon!

Love, Hannah and Jen x