Luxe Vegan Collection Ebook

Our Luxe Vegan Collection Ebook is here to help anyone following a vegan diet by providing quick, easy, nutritious (and delicious) vegan recipes, along with easy to understand nutritional information. Our aim is to support, simplify and provide education for those adopting a vegan diet or those who simply wish to cut back on their meat and dairy intake.

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Here we’ve compiled some of our favourite recipes including:

  • Hearty vegan breakfasts to kickstart your day
  • Light and healthy vegan mains to nourish and satisfy you
  • More-ish vegan snacks & sides to keep you going between meals
  • Decadent vegan desserts to indulge your tastebuds and body

And… it’s important to remember that, just because it’s vegan, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s healthy! So we’ve also included ‘must know’ information about nutrients that should be on your radar, and some common vegan traps to avoid.

We hope this book helps you on your health journey and provides you with a greater understanding of how to make the best choices for your body when following a vegan diet, as well as being inspired by how delicious and easy plant-based eating can be!


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