Organico hair design paddington

Organico Hair Design by Giancarlo

In addition to the food we consume, the products we use on our hair and skin have an important role to play in our overall health.

With so many chemicals surrounding us, it is good to know that it is possible to minimise this exposure.

Whilst it has become easier to find organic skin and hair care products, it is not so easy to find a professional hairdresser who also shares this philosophy.

Giancarlo brought organic products to Australia from Italy over 20 years ago, way ahead of the trend, and has built a loyal clientele over this time.  He is affectionately known as ‘The Magician’ or ‘The Maestro of Hair’, no doubt due to his genuine passion and expertise in creating healthy, luxurious locks.  The results speak for themselves.

We are fortunate to be not far from Giancarlo’s Paddington salon which is both understated and sophisticated. The music is soothing and we are always greeted with a delicious herbal tea.   Giancarlo’s intention is to create a space which serves as a sanctuary where clients can slow down and enjoy the break from their busy lives, whilst enjoying an indulgent and individualised treatment.  It is always a treat to go and we can both attest to noticing a significant improvement in our hair.

Organico hair design paddington
Organico hair design paddington

You won’t find hair straightening treatments, extensions or anything that will harm the hair in Giancarlo’s salon!  You will, however, receive genuine care and restoration of damaged hair using a combination of organic products which are also environmentally sustainable and ethically produced (no animal testing), and of course, Giancarlo’s skill.

To support the professional treatment in the salon, Giancarlo has also developed a home care range of organic products, Botanico. The products are available at the salon and online and have a focus on nature and gentle toxin-free ingredients (no phosphates and sulphates).

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