KX pilates

The KX pilates way

With New Years right around the corner, it is that time of year we start to think about our resolutions. For many (myself included), resolutions are centred around ways in which we can better our health including making better dietary choices, drinking more water, going to bed earlier and last but certainly not least, committing to an exercise regime.

I think the best way to commit to an exercise regime is to spend some time finding a form of exercise you truly enjoy so it is something you look forward to, rather than looking at is as a chore. For me, I found this enjoyment with KX Pilates.

KX pilates

KX Pilates is a fast-paced, high-intensity, body toning workout focusing on building strength and fitness, as well as increasing flexibility and coordination. What is different about KX (Japanese for ‘change for the better’) is that they combine elements of traditional reformer pilates with cardio and endurance training. The classes are only 50 minutes and they have multiple sessions per day (from 6am-8pm) so it is easy to fit into your routine. I am an early riser so love going to the early morning classes. It is such a great feeling to be home by 7.30 or 8.30am and know you’ve already completed your workout for the day. I truly notice a difference in my energy levels and productivity when I go.

KX is open to all levels from beginner through to advanced and they offer an intro pack (5 classes for $50). I have been a loyal KX goer for over a year now and it has transformed the way I look at exercise. I never thought I would be one to look forward to a workout, but with KX I really do. I aim to go 3-4 times per week, as well as factoring in time for walking (gotta reach that 10,000 steps!)

Aside from the great workouts, the instructors are all really lovely and it is a fantastic community to be a part of. I love my little Bondi KX fam and would highly recommend it to anyone looking to mix up their exercise routine.

KX pilates
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