Amongst the important functions of our largest organ, our skin, are those of thermoregulation and detoxification.  These functions occur via perspiration, often considered undesirable and as such we seek to thwart nature and block this intuitive response. This is particularly true when it comes to underarm perspiration which is often accompanied by an unpleasant odour, generated by bacteria.  Hardly surprising that we want to do what we can to prevent this. 

However, most commercial anti-perspirants work by blocking sweat glands, using combinations of a number of chemicals, particularly aluminium, as well as parabens, phthalates, triclosan and synthetic fragrances.  Some of these potentially harmful substances have been shown to make their way to the bloodstream. In an age where we are bombarded with synthetic chemicals, adding to our toxic load in order to prevent the removal of toxins does not seem like the best idea. 

Whilst some natural deodorants are available, often people quickly dismiss them as “not working”.  It is important initially to understand that the purpose of deodorants is to kill the bacteria which causes the odour, rather than block the glands and stop perspiration.   A possible cause for this perceived lack of efficacy may be explained by a small study which has demonstrated that the use of anti-perspirants over time can alter the microbiome under the arms and actually contribute to worsening odour.  This altered axillary ecosystem and smelly consequences mean there can be a tendency not to persevere with the natural version of deodorant.  

This is where the ‘Kind-ly innovative “detox mask’ comes in.  Prior to transitioning to a natural deodorant, Kind-ly recommend preparing the axillary region (armpits), by using a mask containing activated charcoal, Australian bentonite clay, colloidal silver and aloe vera, with a gentle fragrance of natural essential oils of lemongrass and ginger.   The mask is easy to apply and requires only 15 minutes prior to showering.  Following this regime for 7 to 14 days will help draw out impurities, balance pH and restore correct bacterial imbalances, with the ultimate affect of reducing the dreaded BO.  Thereafter a maintenance weekly mask is recommended.  Kind-ly also have a range of organic, probiotic and magnesium fortified deodorants.

Other factors which impact underarm perspiration and odour include stress and anxiety, certain medical conditions and medications, and certain foods.

Read more about the arm pit detox and see the complete range of organic deodorants here.

April 22, 2019


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