Jane Iredale makeup

Jane Iredale: Our favourite natural make up

We first discovered Jane Iredale mineral make up some years ago whilst indulging in a facial in the serenity of Ikatan Spa in Noosa.

At the end of the facial, the beauticians matched our skin tone to one of the many mineral makeup shades Jane Iredale have. We were truly amazed by the coverage and ‘glow’ it gave to our skin, particularly as we had been informed that it was a completely natural product.

Jane Iredale makeup

Having practiced as a naturopath for some time by that stage, I was already very particular about ingredients in skincare and makeup. I am always careful to avoid parabens and other petrochemicals as much as possible, as well as advising clients and my daughter to do the same.

We have really never looked back and have been enjoying using these products ever since. If anything, we’ve become more obsessed as we now use their entire range! They have everything from mascara, eye liner, brushes, contouring sets… the works.

Aside from not containing ingredients that are harmful to the skin, the Jane Iredale liquid mineral foundation actually contains ingredients that are good for your skin! It contains Vitamin C and Co-enzyme Q10 to help nourish and repair the skin, whilst the minerals provide a physical sunscreen protection.
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