“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” Lao Tzu

The journey to optimum health and wellbeing, also begins this way.

Jennifer has qualifications in Naturopathy, Nutrition, Psychotherapy and Counselling, Coaching Psychology, along with additional post graduate training and experience focusing on mind body integration, such as Somatic Experiencing and Neuro-Affective touch.  There are overlaps to all of these modalities, allowing holistic approach, focusing on creating the conditions for healing, from supporting physiology, psychology and inter-connection between all our systems, relationships and wider environment.   

Both physiological and psychological approaches work on the principle that we have tremendous capacity to heal, given the right conditions.  From a nutritional / naturopathic perspective this means supporting the body and mind with adequate nutrients, hydration, rest, sleep and exercise, supported by supplementation and herbal medicines when required; and from a psychological perspective it means supporting the nervous system, healing unresolved trauma and stress which has remained trapped in the tissues and reinforced heightened survival mechanisms.  These are the fundamental guidelines within the complexity of these approaches, all in the context of our own individual histories which have become woven into the fabric of our identity.

Jennifer is currently based in London, UK.  Sessions are conducted online or telephone.

What does Trauma informed care mean and how does it help?

To be trauma informed is to have an understanding of the nervous system through the lens of polyvagal theory, and the ways in which our past experiences can imprint our nervous systems and inform our bodies’ responses. This includes not only our responses to perceived threats, but also the profound influence these past experiences can have on patterns of thought and behaviour in our daily lives and our sense of identity and worth. These patterns are established simply by repetition and reinforcement of neural pathways, learned to help us survive and navigate the world. Some of these patterns may contribute to our distress.

Learning to listen to the stories our bodies may wish to tell, in addition to the stories we express in words, can assist in integrating the rational and instinctual brains, restoring rhythm and balance between our systems and encouraging more harmonious and collaborative dialogue between our minds and hearts. This reduction in internal conflict and the gentle release of past trauma is an important aspect of healing.

how do i book sessions?

Please email jennifer@healthyluxe.com.au to request current availability and further information.

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