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HEALTHFUL STEPS is a 4 week journey towards achieving health and happiness. 
This pattern of chronic stress and less than ideal lifestyle habits are not sustainable. If not corrected, this trajectory will inevitably manifest in physical or emotional/mental health challenges.

As a society we are becoming more and more disconnected from ourselves, others, 
our relationships, our food, our planet, our intuition. These disconnections stand 
in the way of our growth, opportunity and happiness. This course provides guidance towards reconnection and accessing your own innate capacity to achieve optimum health, fulfilment and joy.


Full Payment  

4 payments of $57/month

Payment Plan

Why Now?

When we began writing this course, with a focus on connection, little did we 
know that this challenge would take on another dimension, on a scale that we have never experienced before in our lifetimes. We could not have foreseen or imagined 
that we would be ordered into isolation, as we all play our part in slowing 
the spread of Covid-19.

The consequences, some of which are yet to emerge, will be felt for many years. 
The enormity of the current global crises doesn’t change the content of our course, 
it makes it more urgent and relevant.

Our fundamental belief is that our bodies have tremendous capacity to stay well and to heal, given the right conditions.
It is our goal to help you create these conditions, step by step.

What to expect?

Upon signing up to the course you will receive:

Weekly webinars broken up into 4 parts.

15+ downloadable PDFs containing all course content.

Complimentary 1:1 phone coaching session (30 mins).

Weekly workbooks and diet diary.

Daily (Monday-Friday) meditation tracks.

A complimentary subscription to Healthy Luxe app 
for the duration of the course.

A digital copy of our Healthy Habits Ebook.

A digital copy of our A-Z Nutrient Guide Ebook.

Bonus recipe videos.

Daily check ins via email.

Lifetime support via our exclusive Facebook group.


“We only have one mind and one body and knowing how to look after it is so important. I love that this program does just that.

The Healthy Luxe Healthful Steps program is exactly the mental and physical reset button I needed. I felt as though I had a life coach by my side guiding me on how to start my day with mental peace and clarity and how to nourish my body, through all the delicious and wholesome recipes that the program provided.

Learning about the importance of neuroplasticity, sleep hygiene, gut health, meditation, nutrition and bringing consciousness to your every day life is truly transformative and something I would advocate everyone to know more about. Although complex subjects, Jen explains them in such a clear and insightful way that amount of information you take away with you after every module is incredible.

I can’t recommend this program highly enough.”

Sophie Marriott

“This course gave me all the information and support I needed to finally change my lifestyle habits. I now find myself choosing healthier options, making better choices and I feel better than ever. I highly recommend this course to anyone and everyone!”

Emily Sulzberger

“This is an excellent course. Hannah and Jen have put a lot of care and thorough research into the various modules. With my own interest in the mind-body connection, I found the information about water and consciousness (the work of Dr masuro emoto) to be particularly useful. Overall, the course follows a holistic approach and will be beneficial for anyone who is looking to uplevel their habits and improve their health in a measurable and lasting way. Thanks Hannah and Jen for your hard work in putting together this product, I have no doubt it will continue to help many people and I am grateful for what I have learnt.”

Abi Robertson

“After taking this course I have found myself eating more consciously and becoming more aware of the connection between my mind and body. It gave me the tools to create a positive change in my eating and daily habits. I especially enjoyed the daily meditation which kept me present throughout the day. Great short course for anyone who wants an introduction to a healthier lifestyle”

Chanel Cheung



overview & setting intention

Part A – Basics: 

Pantry Staples & How to use our app

Part B – Lifestyle factors: 

Sleep, Hydration & Movement

Part C – Connection: 

Ourselves, Food & Water, The Planet & Others

Part D – Intro to Nervous System Regulation:
Explanation & Exercises


Nutrition Fundamentals

Part A – Nutrients Matter: 

Nutrition Principles

Part B – Gut Health: 

The Gut-Brain Connection

Part C – Blood Sugar: 

Regulation & The Mental Health Connection

Part D – Nervous System Regulation:
Stress & Digestion


The Mind-Body Connection

Part A – Infinite Connections of The Mind
Patterns of thought, behaviour and feeling

Part B – Integrating Creativity & Rational Thought
The two hemispheres of the brain & the connection between them

Part C – Cultivating Positive Change
Overcoming obstacles to achieve the change you desire

Part D – More on Positive change
Nutrition & The Brain


Immunity & Community

Part A – Immunity: 

Creating a healthier mind and body

Part B – Immunity Continued
A look at Epidemics

Part C – The Human Energy Field
And its role in health & disease

Part D – Environment, Community & Culture
Opportunity for cooperation, collaboration and return of community


Full Payment  

4 payments of $57/month

Payment Plan


What is the overall commitment?

In order to get the maximum benefit from this course, we ask for your full commitment, that is 
do meditations, journalling, open daily emails. 
It is not too onerous, but very important to reprogram neural pathways.

Are there any additional costs?

To fully participate in the programme
there may be a greater investment in food, 
and you will be asked to make a small investment (approximately $20) in an experiment (seeds/plants for growing / sprouting). This is optional but recommend 
to help re establish connection with food 
and our planet.

What is my time commitment?

In addition to watching webinars, allow a minimum of one hour per day, which doesn’t have to be all at once. Be prepared to wake 30 minutes earlier than usual in order to give yourself time for the meditation, writing down your intentions for the day and to slow down your morning routine. You can, of course, invest more than an hour per day, if you have time for this.

Can I pause/defer course?

We really encourage that you find a time when 
you can fully commit to this course. However, 
we understand that life can get in the way and because we want you to succeed, you can contact us about re starting the course at a later date.

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