Optimal health encompasses many components, including good nutrition, exercise, emotional wellbeing, self care, joy, relationships, that is a true embracing of the mind, body, spirit connection. When there is ill health, there is often an imbalance in one or more of these areas. Restoring balance and reconnection through correcting the imbalances helps to create the conditions to support our bodies’ healing.

This programme has been developed after almost 20 years in practice, based on experience, ongoing training and evidence based research. Most conditions are multi-factorial in aetiology and as such I take a holistic approach. I have a particular interest in the interplay between physiological and psychological health and the ways in which our life experiences, particularly early life experiences and stress, impact our overall health. 

Specialities include Anxiety, Depression, Gut Health, Stress management, Chronic Fatigue, Peak Performance, amongst other health conditions / goals.

Whilst individual sessions are available, research has consistently shown that knowing what one needs to do to improve health often does not translate into actually doing it, which is one of the reasons for recommending a 5 week programme, which includes 4 weeks post programme email support.   

In addition, according to Dr Peter Levine, traumatic symptoms are not caused by an ‘event’ but rather emerge when there is residual energy  from an experience which is not fully discharged. As a result the energy may become trapped in the autonomic nervous system and may present in a wide range of symptoms from panic attacks to physical illness. This is supported by a growing body of research and is often referred to as a “trauma informed approach”. Having completed three years post graduate training in ‘Somatic Experiencing’, I believe this is an essential component to an integrated approach.

Articles on our site go into further detail on the link between nutrition, mental health, the brain and the microbiome, and the impact of stress on our nervous systems

As all programmes are individually tailored, there will be variances,
however the overall structure will be as follows:

Ahead of first session:

  • You will be asked to complete an online Health Questionnaire, as well as a food diary for 3-4 days.  Any other screening information you have, such as blood tests will also be requested.
  • This information will be analysed ahead of the first session, so that we begin immediately.
  • The answers to the questionnaire will be discussed and a plan formulated for the five weeks. This plan will be emailed.
  • Each session thereafter will involve ongoing assessment (and adjustment if necessary), coaching to help you reach your goals, and nervous system regulation.

What happens after the five weeks?

After this period, we will assess the effectiveness of the programme and emerge with a clear plan in terms of going forward.  As everyone will enter the programme with different challenges, it is impossible to predict where you will be exactly.  This will be assessed individually, and ongoing recommendations made.  All participants in the programme will have four week’s email access, whereby you can email questions.   An ongoing tailored programme may be recommended to keep you on track.

Fees and Payment Plan options:

5 week plan upfront payment $800 

(including 5 one hour sessions, via zoom;  analysis of information provided; tailored health programme, prescription of supplements where required;  coaching; nervous system regulation; 4 weeks post programme email access) *

Currently no availability.

Payment plan 3 instalments $290.00 each; 

First payment due prior to first session;  second payment due prior to 3rd session and final payment due prior to 5th session.

* All five sessions will be booked in shortly after sign up.  Sessions can be changed, subject to availability, provided 24 hours notice is provided.   Should this notice not be provided the session will be forfeited. A make up session will be offered, subject to availability, at a cost of $190.00

– Single sessions: $190.00

Currently no availability.

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