Cell Gel Herbs and Heart - Essential summer skincare

Essential summer skincare

With 30 + degree days already experienced in Sydney this spring, it seems we may be in for another crazy hot summer.

This means we need to think about protecting our skin. In the harsh Australian sun, UV exposure promotes free radicals, depriving skin of oxygen and leading to premature ageing.

Jervis Bay Murrays Beach

We found Cell Gel to be light and quick to absorb, yet hydrating and a perfect moisturiser for the summer.  Nourishing ingredients include soothing aloe vera, cucumber, orange blossom and rosehip, collectively providing antioxidants, vitamins including B5, C and K as well as silica. Just as important is what is not in these products, being harmful, synthetic fillers and chemicals, such as parabens, sulphates and PEGs.

We love the philosophy of Herbs + Heart, producing not only high quality, organic skin care, derived from local, sustainable sources, but also being cruelty free (no animal testing) and packaged in recyclable glass bottles.  These are such important issues and we are proud to help spread the message.

Other products in their range include ‘Face Mud’ (Cleanser, mask and exfoliator);  ‘Skin Tonic’ (toner, mist and makeup remover);  ‘Aloe Whip’ (skin repairing moisturising cream);  ‘Elixir’ (antioxidant rich serum and makeup primer).  Head to their website to learn more and read the impressive reviews.  We are very tempted by their Christmas packs!

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