Why juice should be part of your morning ritual 

By Katharine McCarthy, Founder and Director of Mod Cold Press

Everyone has a little ritual for getting his or her morning off to a good start. Coffee, energy drinks or something sweet and carby are all popular choices in a fast paced world. These go-to’s may provide a quick boost in energy, but do they really set your body and mind up for your best possible day?

Coffee is extremely popular, but as we all know, it can have its drawbacks. Drink too much and you’re all jittery, drink too late in the day and you’re up all night. After prolonged use, digestive issues such as heartburn or ulcers may develop. All that for a quick energy rush? No thanks!

Energy drinks may sound like a miracle in a bottle, but do they really have any benefits for your body? The ingredients used to make them are under-researched, and they often contain a huge amount of caffeine to boot. Many side effects have been reported including heart palpitations, headaches, dizziness and difficulty breathing to name just a few.

Sugar carbohydrates found in breads and many cereals may give a quick surge of energy, but it is well documented that the rush is followed by a hard crash. It lacks vital nutrients, and is detrimental to a healthy smile. Beyond that, sugar contributes to a dysfunctional metabolism and can cause insulin resistance, a precursor to diabetes. Strike three.

You only have one chance to start your day off right, and breakfast means giving your body the proper nutrients after a long night’s rest. Front-loading your morning with the vitamins and minerals you need ensures you’ll have the stamina to power through your tasks for the day, without paying for it in the afternoon.

The best way to inject the maximum nutrients possible into your morning routine is preparing cold pressed juice. Concentrated amounts of minerals in fresh fruit and vegetable juices enhance metabolism, supports brain function, and stabilises blood sugar levels. A wide variety of vitamins, antioxidants and enzymes are instantly digested and turned into the building blocks needed for proper cell function.

Why is the juicer important? Cold press juicers like Mod Cold Press offer up to 50% more nutrients and 50% more juice than regular juicers. In the case of Mod, it is also quicker to use as you can place your produce in whole (no chopping), and it cleans in minutes. Setting up for success even the most time poor!

Balancing the natural sugars in fruits with the earthy enzymes in veggies is the perfect combination to boost your energy levels and keep you from crashing later on. When the nutritional needs of your body are taken care of first thing, your body has the fuel to keep you going strong all day.

What are the best fruits and veggies for energy?

If you’re thinking that veggies for breakfast may not be your thing, juicing them will definitely change your mind. You may be surprised to find out that the bitter taste in some vegetables can easily be masked by the fresh sweetness of fruits or herbs. Some of the best choices for instant energy include the following:

  • Kale – The high amounts of manganese and iron found in kale help your brain to function at its best, so you can focus on your daily tasks at work, while a powerful combination of vitamins and minerals support muscles and cardiovascular system.
  • Beetroot – Naturally occurring nitrates increases oxygen flow, which supports the brain and muscular system. In addition to increasing energy, the concentrated nutrients in beets help cleanse the body and fight inflammation.
  • Tomato – Perfect right after your morning workout, tomatoes normalise blood levels and promote proper liver function and the toxin elimination processes throughout the body.
  • Carrot – The concentrated, natural sugars in carrots offer a powerful energy boost, while promoting proper metabolism and detoxification. Plus, they’re packed with a variety of nutrients that help nearly every part of your body.

Add one of the ingredients above to your favourite juicing recipe each day – a base of apples, parsley and ginger create a tasty beverage that will get you going. After just a few mornings you’ll agree that these delicious juices will definitely set you up to be your best. You’ll enjoy sustained energy and be bursting with vitality all day. So drink up!

Cold pressed juices wearing lily bod activewear

About Katharine McCarthy, Founder and Director of Mod Cold Press:

Katharine McCarthy is the Founder and Director of Australian owned and run cold press juicer company, Mod Cold Press. Health enthusiast Katharine founded Mod Cold Press in 2015, after struggling with her first child’s distaste for fruit and vegetables. Katharine discovered cold press juicing as a complementary way to nourish her children. Here, Katharine saw the opportunity to create an efficient cold press juicer that was affordable, offered minimal wastage, and was aesthetically pleasing. The Mod Juicer comes in black and white and is $599 RRP available online at For more information on Mod Cold Press Juicer head to the website and follow on Instagram: @mod_cold_press, Facebook:, and the hashtag #mod_cold_press.

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