Vanilla and buckwheat waffles

Healthy has never looked better. These vanilla and buckwheat waffles are great for a weekend breakfast or brunch, especially when topped with assorted coyo ice-cream flavours – they are dairy free, refined sugar free and so delicious! The ‘sea salted...

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Mocha nicecream

Calling all Mocha-holics! This mocha nicecream has been one of our most in demand recipes so we decided it was only fair we share it. There’s a secret to this one, too. To create that extra thick and creamy texture, we blended most of the ingredients in advance and...

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Courgette and halloumi fritters

Another quick, simple and delicious recipe. These courgette and halloumi fritters are great served for breakfast or Sunday brunch! We serve with avocado, fresh young greens, sliced cherry tomatoes, lime, chilli flakes, Himalayan sea salt and freshly cracked pepper....

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Tropical nicecream

It might be cooling down in Sydney but that certainly hasn't curbed our nice cream obsession! This one is so fresh and fruity - it's the perfect palate cleanser after a meal. This tropical nicecream is made with 100% fruits. You can also add a plant based protein of...

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Snickers pancakes

Fluffy peanut butter pancakes with a creamy peanut-chocolate sauce, topped with roasted peanuts and raw caramel chocolate for that added 'Snickers'-like crunch. Perfection. This snickers pancakes recipe was created in collaboration with Sophie...

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Strawberry and fig nicecream

Fresh, fruity and delicious. This recipe is great as a refreshing dessert in the warmer months. It’s a great palate cleanser, too! We have added a handful of cashew nuts to this strawberry and fig nicecream to contribute to the creamy texture but this can be omitted...

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Zucchini loaf

So soft and packed with protein! This homemade gluten-free zucchini loaf has the superfood bonus of coconut protein powder. Adding a plant based protein enhances the nutritional value as well as adding great flavour. We have used a coconut superfood blend...

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Pineapple and moringa smoothie bowl

Nothing says summer quite like starting the day with a delicious smoothie bowl. This delicious pineapple and moringa smoothie bowl is so refreshing and contains the added health benefits of superfood, moringa. The ground powder produces the vibrant green colour...

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Blueberry and hemp pancakes

The perfect lazy Sunday breakfast. These blueberry and hemp pancakes are so easy to make, and so delicious. Most ingredients are from Macro, a health food range exclusively available in Woolworths. We love that so many of our favourite food products from...

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This dish is great for a weekend brunch or a quick and easy weeknight dinner. We have used biodynamic organic eggs in this shakshuka recipe however you can substitute with tofu for a vegan alternative or halloumi for an egg-free option. We recommend serving with...

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Hawaiian style acai bowl

Upon returning from Hawaii, Sophie (@coconutandbliss) and I made it our mission to recreate out favourite acai bowl of all time from Kalalea Juice Hale in Kauai. We were obsessed with the ‘King Kong’ acai bowl, blended with banana, cacao and almond milk… but it was...

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Rich chocolate nice cream

Rich, creamy chocolatey nice cream. The perfect healthier alternative to classic ice-cream. This chocolate nice cream contains only 4 key ingredients. We’ve also included Amazonia prebiotics to support healthy gut flora. We always recommend adding some kind...

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Banana bread

Gluten free, dairy free, refined sugar free and most importantly, deeelicious. This homemade banana bread is a great, healthier alternative to classic banana bread found in stores and in cafes. It is gluten free, made using a combination of tiger nut...

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Tiger nut berry pancakes

What are tiger nuts? Don’t be deceived by the name, tiger nuts are not actually nuts at all. Rather, they are ‘tubers‘. Another example of an ancient nutritious food that have recently regained interest.  How are tiger nuts used? They are sometimes referred to as...

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Vanilla chai nice cream with spiced pears

Calling all vanilla chai fans! This vanilla chai nice cream is so flavoursome and packed with nutrients. We recommend making the spiced pears a day ahead so that you can reserve and freeze the liquid to use in your nice cream. To create the creamy nice cream texture,...

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Peanut butter granola

Just when you thought we couldn't get any more peanut butter obsessed... Getting into the habit of making your own granola is one of the best healthy habits to establish. It is so quick and easy, tastes better and prevents over consumption of unnecessary sugar, salt...

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Spiced pumpkin and pecan pancakes

The pumpkin creates the soft, fluffy texture while the spices add nutrients and flavour. For this spiced pumpkin and pecan pancakes recipe, we’ve created our own flours by simply blending buckinis (buckwheat kernels) and pecans, however you can also use buckwheat...

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Sweet cinnamon omelette

This is the ultimate Sunday morning breakfast... indulgent, yet healthy. Monique Cormack from Nourish Everyday has created and kindly contributed this delicious sweet cinnamon omelette recipe, originally created for Australian Eggs. It is easy to make,...

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Chocolate chip banana bread

We have been using green banana flour in our recipes for a few years now, due to its high nutritional profile. Green banana flour contains potassium, magnesium and manganese, amongst other nutrients as well as being a great gluten free flour alternative, with the...

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Blue nicecream

This has perhaps been our most in-demand recipe ever... so you may be a little surprised to hear it contains only 3 ingredients. To create the beautiful colour for this blue nicecream we have used Blue Majik organic spirulina powder. While it does have a...

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Lemon curd profiterole pancakes

For those of you who follow us on Instagram, you can probably tell we are having fun with our new toy... A 'filled pancake pan', which we like to call 'profiterole pancakes'! If you don’t have a profiterole pancake pan (not the most common place kitchen item), you can...

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Berry beetroot nicecream

It may sound a little strange but trust us, it works. Beetroot powder is a great addition to smoothies and desserts because of its impressive nutrient profile. Aside from being low in calories and fat, beetroots are known for their role in detoxification...

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Tropical berry nicecream

Nice cream is a summer essential. It is the perfect alternative to ice cream with that creamy texture we all love, just without any of the added sugars, flavours and preservatives. The pineapple gives this tropical berry nicecream a refreshing twist but if you prefer...

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Warming apple and cinnamon oats

This nourishing porridge recipe is perfect on a cool Winter's morning. Not only are these apple and cinnamon oats delicious but they are also packed with nutrients. Cinnamon is a delicious and warming spice that also helps to regulate blood sugar and apple adds...

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“Jaffa” pancakes

Sunday mornings have just been that much better since we have really started to embrace 'Pancake Sunday'. To decorate our Jaffa pancakes (and to compliment the chocolate-orange theme we have going on), we melted some Loving Earth orange raw chocolate to...

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Charcoal nicecream

Nice cream just got healthier. It might sound a little strange but the addition of charcoal powder really enhances the nutritional profile of this recipe. It is great for detoxification, aids digestion, promotes healthy skin and helps to whiten teeth… Some...

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Blueberry nicecream

And the nice cream addiction continues. This blueberry nicecream is yet another 3 ingredient recipe. Perfect for rushed weekday mornings. We of course recommend adding superfood powders to enhance the nutritional profile, but this of course is optional. We...

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Espresso nicecream

Two of our favourite things combined... Coffee & Nice Cream. And what a delicious combo it is. We don’t know about you, but we struggle to think of a better start the day than a big bowl of espresso nicecream. If you’re after a chocolatey twist, top with...

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Caramel slice pancakes

It has been a while since we took part in #pancakesunday so last weekend decided it was time for a comeback. This had us seriously questioning why we ever stopped... The pancakes are “caramel” flavoured with a date/tahini/mesquite blend to create that sweet taste we...

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Blueberry chia pancakes

We were particularly excited about these pancakes, because they were made using blueberries that we have grown in our garden! It took a very long time for them to bloom, and we must admit… we didn’t have quite enough just to use the blueberries from our garden for...

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Creamy mango smoothie bowl

Absolute life saver on these scorching hot Aussie summer days. This mango smoothie bowl is so refreshing and has the added creaminess of Coyo mango and passionfruit yoghurt (takes it to a whole new level!) Coyo is a dairy-free yoghurt alternative made...

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Vanilla swirl smoothie bowl

Dessert for breakfast. This vanilla swirl smoothie bowl is made even more decadent and delicious with the addition of our raw mars bar style slice as a topping. All of our chocolate/caramel raw desserts work well as nice cream toppings which you can find in our...

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Coconut pitaya nicecream

Tastes like summer in a bowl. This creamy coconut and pitaya nice cream is so refreshing and so satisfying. We have added some of our go-to supplements to this coconut pitaya nicecream including Proplenish marine collagen which promotes healthy hair, skin...

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Super berry bowl

All our acai bowls are pretty antioxidant packed... But this one is next level containing pitaya, acai, maqui, blueberries and strawberries. For this Super Berry Bowl recipe, we use Amazonia frozen acai (unsweetened) and frozen pitaya  – Australia’s...

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Pitaya smoothie bowl

It might be winter in Sydney but that certainly hasn't curbed our smoothie bowl addiction. This Pitaya smoothie bowl is made using Amazonia frozen Pitaya sachets – Australia’s first certified organic pitaya! It is loaded with antioxidants and has an...

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