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Our app showcases over 150 of our delicious healthy recipes, all of which are sugar cane free, most are gluten free, and many are dairy free & vegan friendly.

The focus is on variety and balance, offering a range of nutrient dense, organic recipes that are simple to prepare and delicious to consume.

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Recipes for every meal

Choose from over 100 recipes across 8 categories (so far), including basics, breakfast, main meals, something sweet, salads & sides, pancakes, smoothies and our signature vegan cheesecake selection.

Sensitive to dietary needs

Recipes are clearly marked cane sugar free, dairy free, gluten free or vegan where appropriate (and usually are). We also provide unbiased, easy to understand nutritional information on the key ingredients.

Handy shopping list

You’ll find all the ingredients listed clearly, as well as an easy to follow method.  Add ingredients to a convenient shopping list and refer to it next time you’re at the store.

Created by the team at Healthy Luxe

Our aim is to bring some clarity and context to help people navigate the abundance of information widely available.

As we are all different, there is no ‘one size fits all’ where nutrition is concerned. A combination of genetic predisposition, environmental impact, individual biochemical profiles and health profiles, means that the way we utilise our foods can be vastly different.

Our fundamental nutritional focus is to learn how we can nourish our bodies and brains to support us in achieving our best, often beyond expectations.

– Jen & Hannah

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Troubleshooting tips

Sometimes loading takes a little longer when first downloaded, if this is the case, please leave for a few minutes.

If you’re having problems with the app freezing, or doing strange things try these steps:

1. Shut down the app and reopen it.  On an Apple device, double click the round button at the bottom of your device, then flick the app up when it appears in the horizontal list.  This will close it.  Reopen it and see if it’s better behaved.

2. Restart the device.  On an Apple device, press and hold down the sleep button and swipe the red bar to power down.  Hold down the power button until the Apple logo appears and try the app again.

3. If those steps fail to resolve the issue, please take a screen shot and email us.  A screenshot is done by holding down the power and main bottom button simultaneously for a second and letting go.  You can access the screen shot from your camera items menu in your Photos app.

4. ANDROID USERS: Please note that we are no longer maintaining the app on the Android platform and it is no longer available for download on Google Play.  Therefore please be aware that you will not be able to reinstall the app if you decide to delete it.

Report a problem

Whilst technical problems are rare, we want all apps to be functioning optimally.  If you do have an issue please email us at and be sure to include the following information:

Have you tried restarting the app and/or the device?

Does your device run iOS (Apple iPhone or iPad) or Android?

What version of the operating system is it running?

If possible, please attach a screen shot of the error to help us in fault finding.

Thank you,

– Jen & Hannah