acai and acai shot for glowing skin

Acai shot for glowing skin

As I'm sure you are aware, we are a tad acai obsessed.

We start our day with a big Amazonia acai bowl (yep, every day) because 1. it is delicious and 2. it is packed with nutrients and antioxidants that keep our energy levels lifted throughout the day.

Recently though, we’ve cranked it up a notch and now have a pre acai bowl Amazonia acai shot for glowing skin.

Acai Skin Shot Amazonia

The antioxidant rich Acai skin shot has 3150mg of fermented acai per serve which supports collagen production (very important for skin health) and contains 12 billion probiotics per serve which supports gut health… key to a glowing complexion.

It is advised that you take 1 shot per day (30ml) and it can be taken on its own or diluted in water. I personally like the taste so have it as is just before breakfast.

For more information on this fantastic product visit the Amazonia website!

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