Mango Papaya Smoothie

IMG_4508It’s always exciting when we start to see these tropical fruits in the stores so we thought we would celebrate the arrival of Spring with this delicious smoothie. The flavours of mango and papaya really compliment one another, particularly combined with the citrus-like flavour of Lucuma and refreshing twist of coconut! After blending all ingredients, we left the smoothie to sit in the fridge for 10 minutes which helped to thicken.

To top, we added a few spoonfuls of passionfruit seeds and juice for extra flavour but this is optional.

This easy to make, delicious and nutrient packed smoothie is a great option for an on-the-go breakfast when you don’t have much time to prepare. If you would like to make this smoothie more substantial, we recommend adding a tablespoon of soaked chia seeds.


Serves 2

Flesh of 1 large ripe mango
250g papaya*
1/2 large ripe banana
1 tbsp lucuma powder
1/4 cup coconut water
Passionfruit (to top)

*This was 1/4 of a medium sized papaya but they vary enormously in size so we have included weight


  1. Combine all ingredients in a blender (bar passionfruit) and blend until smooth
  2. Pour into two glasses and place in the fridge for 10 minutes
  3. Top with a few spoons of passionfruit seeds and juice
  4. Voila!

Read about the nutritional benefits of Papaya, here. 

Tropical papaya fruit offers a wide range of nutrients, with particularly high levels of Vitamin C and flavonoids, and is therefore a very beneficial food for the immune system, connective tissue health and many other biochemical processes. This smoothie recipe has exceptionally high levels with the combination of papaya and mango.

In addition, papaya is a good source of fibre and contains vitamins, including vitamin A, most B vitamins (particularly good source of B5), Vitamin E and minerals such as magnesium and potassium.

The pigment that creates the rich orange, red colour of papaya, also contains an abundant source of anti-oxidant carotenoids, including vitamin A precursor, beta-carotene;  lutein and zeoxanthin, beneficial for eye health; as well as lycopene (more on this potent anti-oxidant in tomato post).

Papaya is also known for its rich source of enzymes, such as papain and chymopapain, assisting with digestion (although the concentration of these nutrients reduces as fruit ripens).