A little bit on detox water…


‘Detox water’ is a regular feature on our Instagram so we thought we would share a little bit of information on it, as well as providing a little reminder about the importance of drinking plenty of water…

It’s easy to overlook the importance of one of the most essential life sustaining substances, water.  We can only survive a matter of days without water.  Yet, in western cultures, where accessibility to clean water is not a challenge, we take for granted this precious commodity.  Sometimes we choose substances that dehydrate us more such as coffee and tea, or prefer a ‘sweeter’ option (soda) to give the illusion of satisfying our thirst.

Whilst extreme dehydration is a medical emergency (e.g. in cases of severe gastrointestinal illnesses), other symptoms of dehydration include thirst, headaches, fatigue, sluggish bowels, dry skin and decreased / dark urination (which can contribute to kidney stone formation).  Chronic dehydration can result in a number of health issues as drinking clean (preferably filtered) water is fundamental to health.  Our bodies are estimated to be comprised of 50 – 65% water, largely in the blood and lymph systems.  It is essential to our detoxification processes and impacts our wellbeing on every level.

Water requirements vary from person to person and will increase during exercise or in hot weather.  Generally, a minimum of 1 – 2 litres of water per day is needed.   If drinking tea, coffee or alcohol, remember to drink more water to compensate for diuretic effects.  It is also preferable to drink water regularly, in small quantities, in between meals, rather than during.

So, for people who find it a challenge to drink sufficient water, we have created an inviting range of ‘detox’ waters, subtly infused with fresh fruit flavours to encourage you – see our Instagram page for more detox water inspiration!