Caramel Slice Nice Cream

This creamy, decadent nice cream recipe was inspired by the ‘caramel slice’ smoothie on Health Synergy app.

To create the thick ‘ice cream’ texture it is important that you freeze the bananas in advance. We recommend cutting them into small pieces so it is easier on your blender.

The combination of medjool dates, mesquite powder, hulled tahini and cashew butter creates the natural caramel flavour and the chocolate layer is simply made using cacao powder, vanilla, Himalayan salt and banana. For the ‘base’ we use whatever granola we have on hand. It is great with our cacao cluster granola from the app.

We love making nice cream for breakfast, or even as an afternoon snack/dessert. For a more substantial meal it serves 2 but can also serve 4 as a snack.



3/4 cup your choice of granola


2 frozen bananas
3 medjool dates
1/2 tbsp hulled tahini
1 tbsp cashew butter
2 tbsp mesquite powder, optional
1/2 tsp vanilla bean powder
1/8 tsp Himalayan salt
1/4 tsp cinnamon


2 frozen bananas
3 tbsp cacao powder
1/8 tsp salt
1/4 tsp vanilla bean powder

  1. Divide granola between 2 cups/jars (or 4 if you would like a smaller serve).
  2. Combine all ingredients for the caramel layer in a high-power blender and blend until smooth and creamy.
  3. Spoon on top of the granola base and place in the fridge while you make the chocolate layer.
  4. Combine all ingredients for the chocolate layer in a high-power blender and blend until smooth and creamy.
  5. Spoon on top of the caramel layer. Top with cacao nibs and additional banana (optional), serve and enjoy.

Serves 2-4.