Best spots for (almond milk) coffee in Sydney’s East

For any fellow almond milk coffee drinkers, you will know what I mean when I say that not all almond milks were made equal.

I have only recently jumped on board the coffee bandwagon (before which I was a strictly green tea kind of gal) but it is surprising how quickly coffee has become a part of my daily routine, and how quickly I have become a self proclaimed almond milk coffee connoisseur.

I seek out cafes that use inside out almond milk, milk lab or better yet, homemade nut milk.

Here are some of my top picks in Bondi, Surry Hills and in between.

Sonder, Paddington

Sonder is proof that consistency is key. This is perhaps my most regular spot and I am yet to have a bad coffee here.

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Infinity Bakery, Paddington

Another local favourite of mine. Here they use Inside Out almond milk and the amazing Gabriel coffee… You can’t get a much better combo than that.

Reuben Hills, Surry Hills

When homemade ‘mylk’ is involved you know it’s going to be good. Their’s is a blend of almonds and macadamias which makes for a delicious, creamy texture. The coffee is so good that I will often branch out from my usual piccolo to a double shot flat white, just so I can enjoy the flavour for longer.

Harry’s, Bondi Beach

Another cafe with a great homemade almond/macadamia milk blend and consistently good coffee. There’s a queue for a reason.

Workshop Espresso, CBD

Not quite East, but Workshop Espresso do a mean almond milk coffee using Inside Out milk. It’s not hard to spot with the masses of people waiting out front for their morning pick me up.

The Nine, Bondi Beach

Served in handmade ceramic cups, The Nine coffee is as delicious as it is pretty. They use the delicious COFFEE Bondi Beach blend which is a sure winner.

Paramount Coffee Project, Surry Hills

Yet another cafe that offers homemade almond and macadamia milk. This one gets a big tick of approval from me.

Porch and Parlour, Bondi Beach

Porch and Parlour is renowned for its coffee and once you try it you’ll understand why. Deciding which coffee to get when in Bondi is the hard part….